Although an avid 'amateur' singer in her teens, Suzanna first started taking music more seriously as a singer on the south coast circuit as she started a new chapter in her life. However, while she enjoyed singing the songs of her teenage heroes, she knew she had her own stories to sing about and had to find a way of getting them out. In November 2011 a bout of viral laryngitis and an enforced lay off from singing proved a blessing in disguise as she turned to long-term colleague and music producer, Steve Davis to fill the time with guitar lessions and then, at last, she started to write. Just two months later the songs started to flow; Dreams was swiftly followed by the autobiographical and very personal Sunflower Lady. Years of pent up emotions very quickly poured out into heartfelt lyrics set to memorable tunes. Very surprised by such an excellent standard of writing, Steve encouraged Suzanna to 'keep them coming' and then worked with her on instrumentation and arrangments. By the end of 2012 her first album of 11 fabulous songs was complete - and Suzanna enjoyed the cathartic release:- "During recent years I have had to face up to a lot of nasty things from my past which I had locked away inside; the song writing process left me feeling completely free and calm with a wonderful happiness and strength. This is where the songs came from - from within my deepest self; from understanding the why's and wherefores of how things have happened and being brave enough to sift through and throw away everything that was holding me back. I have amazed myself at what I have achieved and at how liberated it has left me feeling." So this is the first collection of songs from the Sunflower Lady. They are songs of hope and ambition for the underdog; they are songs of nostalgia for lost friends and family, but the overriding theme of the album is simply one of joy and happiness - of not being downtrodden or defeated by life, but also not looking back with regret or anger. Her hope is that, even in the smallest way, they may also leave you feeling 'liberated' - These are the songs of Suzanna Shore.

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